Sunday, October 19, 2008

Blue Angels, Little Rock Air Force Base, Air Show

We went to the air show today and spent the day staring up at the sky. Amazing show! The last act was the Blue Angels. I think we have about five pages of pictures here, make sure you see them all.

Blue Angels

Air Show, Little Rock Air Force Base

That's me, mom and dad, Meldon, an F16 and a P40 flying together and the maintenance crew plane for the Blue Angels, otherwise known as "Fat Albert".

Air Show, Little Rock Air Force Base

We saw a C130 cargo drop, some more C130's, a bunch of paratroopers (over 300 total), the Budweiser Clydesdales and the T28 Trojan Horseman.

Air Show, Little Rock Air Force Base

A paratrooper with an Arkansas flag, a helicopter simulating a rescue mission, a plane with smoke from his wingtips which looked like silly string, a couple of C-47s and a C17 cargo drop.