Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 2009

Here are some Christmas 2009 pictures. We had a really good holiday at home in Tennessee and were happy to have everyone together, with the exception of Michael. He spent Christmas with his girlfriend and her family in Peoria Illinois. John and Kay had to leave a day early due to the rising flood waters of the White River in Arkansas again. Savannah and Paul told us the very exciting news that she's pregnant and they are expecting their new family addition in June 2010. Grandsons Noah (3 year old in red shirt) and Atticus (3 year old in blue & white prison issue) had a great time on their new BIG Wheels taking laps through the kitchen and den - picture not shown - So, just use your imagination to get the mental picture of two 3 year old boys racing bright red BIG WHEELS through the house. It was a great Christmas.

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