Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mojave National Preserve, California

On our way through southern California we decided to drive through the Mojave National Preserve and see part of this 1.6 million acre piece of property. We entered the Mojave NP from the south, by the Granite Mountains, and headed north to the Kelso Dunes. From there we continued north to Kelso Depot & Visitor Center. We toured the Depot exhibits and ate lunch there, too. Our sandwiches were prepared by the most meticulous sandwich maker we have ever seen. You know how food commercials and ads make their products look for advertising and then the actual product just doesn't look that good?Well, our sandwiches were perfect and we should have taken photos.
After lunch, we drove past the Volcano Cones and Lava Fields in the northwest part of the Preserve. This is a beautiful place to see, if passing through southern California.

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