Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Jewel Cave National Monument, South Dakota

We visited Jewel Cave today. We took a half mile tour through the cave, about 300 feet underground. This cave had much larger rooms than Wind Cave did so it was better for pictures. This cave, as far as rock formations and crystals, ranks right up there with Carlsbad Caverns. I believe there were 759 steps along the tour. It was a good workout.


Manav said...

Hey Meldon and Josie,

Well, I am simply enthralled to see all the pictures in ur collection. I could travel through these pictures to a world which otherwise I may not be able to, I think. Thanks for posting such amazing pictures here and making me see another side of America. Keep up and take care. :)

josephine said...

We are glad you are enjoying the pictures. More to come.

Janie said...

jo, can't find your e-mail address. thought you might want to check out Kendra's blog:http://kendraheisner.blogspot.com/

and great pics by the way!