Friday, May 16, 2008

Yellowstone NP, Fishing Bridge RV Park

We got registered for our site and to our surprise, the RV sites were still partially covered with snow. Not too bad if you had a small RV but with this 38 foot monster, we needed all the room we could get. I gladly got a shovel from the office for Meldon so he could do some snow shoveling and I snapped a few pictures. The park rangers came over to help a few minutes later but by that time, Meldon was done. I think maybe they planned it that way. We saw other campers having a tougher time trying to get their 5th wheels backed into their spaces. It was quite the experience. Half of the RV Park is still closed because the sites are covered in snow. We have no cell phone coverage here at the RV but throughout the park we have it so if you need to call, leave a message and we will get it while we are out and about.

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