Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Driving to Colorado Springs from Curecanti, CO

We headed east toward Colorado Springs, CO. We took the long scenic route to avoid a mountain pass that was over 11,000 feet. Instead we drove 65 miles out of the way and went over a 10,000 and a 9,000 foot pass. Due to the road conditions, the 250 mile trip took almost 6 hours. We went through about 10 miles of road construction where they were putting down tar and gravel. While we were sitting still waiting to get through the construction, the approaching vehicles were throwing gravel and tar all over us and the other cars waiting with us. The last picture is a combination of the sign beside the road and our RV's driver's side windshield after the first rock hit. The second rock increased this four inch crack to over a foot. Our car was covered in chunks of tar and gravel. Aside from the all that, it was a beautiful drive. :-)

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